Styling and Art Direction
New York, NY

Willyum Beck

Stylist/Art Directior

Flip Phone

Styling for Brooke Candy’s Flip Phone music video exclusive for Paper Magazine and Gentle Monster.  

Director: Brooke Candy
Photographer: Miriam Marlene
Executive Producers: Brooke Candy, Justin Moran, Katie Karole, Ella Cepeda
1st Assistant Director: Kyle England
Director of Photography: Eduardo Capriles
VHS Camera Operator: Kyle England
Assistant Director of Photography: Eric Waldron
Editor: Nic Seago
Gaffer: Brian Scott
Key Grip: Jorge Hernandez
Costume Design: Seth Pratt
Stylist: Brooke Candy
Assistant Stylist: Willyum Beck
Makeup: Anthony H Nguyen
Hair: Gregory Russell
Post Producer: Jason Milan
Post Coordinator: Aron Fromm
Beauty & VFX: Julian Petschek
Colorist: Robin Feldman
Title Cards and Credits: Caroline Tanner
Car: Mini Truck Mommi
Song Producer: BOBBIE
Songwriters: Brooke Candy, BOBBIE, Lucia Fairfull, Jin Jin, Jesse Saint John
Special thanks: Fin Kemp and Josh Hardy

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